Temperature mapping

Our team has extensive experience in providing temperature mapping and validating services to a wide range of equipment for both small and large-scale projects, including Reach-in Chamber mappings, Incubators (Temperature, Humidity, and CO2), Stability Chambers and Rooms, Warehouses, Walk-Ins, and Distribution Centers. We are fully prepared to provide validation services to meet all your needs, including managing over storage devices such as 2-8°C Refrigerators, -20°C Freezers, -80°C Ultra Low Freezers, and -195°C Cryo Storage Units with speed and efficiency.

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Temperature mapping

Temperature mapping serves the purpose of identifying temperature fluctuations and variations within a particular area and timeframe. It is crucial to analyze the collected data for each controlled temperature unit or process to ensure compliance with required tolerances and safety measures.

VaLogic employee conducting a CQV/Temperature mapping testing service
employee conducting a Temperature mapping service on a lab equipment

Equipment Qualifications

Our team of validation specialists employs top-of-the-line equipment to ensure accurate and consistent outcomes for all validation assignments. We offer a range of options (Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and more) to cater to customer’s specific needs, allowing them to determine the number of data points and parameters to be included in their study.

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At VaLogic, we understand the critical importance of maintaining optimal temperature conditions in pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare facilities. Our GMP Temperature Mapping Services ensure that your environments meet regulatory requirements set by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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Temperature Mapping & Validation Services

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