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VaLogic provides secure and GMP-compliant storage solutions for pharmaceutical and biological products. Our facilities offer a range of storage options, including cold storage warehousing, controlled room temperature storage, and stability chambers. Our dedication to operational excellence guarantees that our clients receive the highest level of protection for their valuable products.

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State-Of-The-Art GMP Storage Solutions

Cold Storage Warehousing

VaLogic recognizes the significance of maintaining product authenticity and excellence, particularly for those requiring specific temperature-controlled conditions. Our Cold Storage Warehousing Service provides cutting-edge -20°C and -80°C freezers, refrigeration, and LN2 storage capabilities.

GMP Controlled Room Temperature Storage

Our GMP warehousing service provides secure, reliable, and compliant storage solutions for products that require controlled room temperature under Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

Walk-In Chamber Storage

This service offers a precise and accessible solution for your temperature-controlled needs. With our Walk-In Chamber Storage Service, you can choose between -20°C Walk-In Freezer Storage and +5°C Walk-In Refrigerator Storage to accommodate a wide range of products. Experience peace of mind knowing your items are stored in a carefully controlled environment.

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At VaLogic, we prioritize safeguarding the potency and authenticity of your pharmaceutical/biological products. Our GMP storage solutions and thorough management services enable you to navigate the intricate landscape of GMP compliance with confidence. Trust us to be your dependable partner for GMP storage. Our proficiency will expedite your time-to-market and significantly contribute to the triumph of your pharmaceutical endeavors.

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