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Environmental Monitoring

Effective microbial control in critical environments is of utmost importance, and the pivotal role that Environmental Monitoring (EM) plays in achieving this objective cannot be overstated. Routine EM services are essential for maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in spaces such as clean rooms, biological safety cabinets, flow hoods, filling lines, and other vital areas. With our extensive expertise in the field, VaLogic is well-equipped to provide these routine EM services. This comprehensive process generally involves the collection of surface samples using contact plates, followed by the analysis of air quality data using agar plates.

The EM Process

Routine Environmental Monitoring Simplified

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring involves systematically assessing the cleanliness and sterility of a laboratory environment where pharmaceutical products are manufactured or tested. This process includes sampling various surfaces, air, water, gas, and personnel to detect potential contaminants such as microbes or particulate matter. The samples are then subjected to rigorous testing to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and internal quality control measures.

Contamination Control

Our GMP Contamination Control services are designed to help you maintain your products’ quality, safety, and compliance. We use cutting-edge technologies and strict measures to mitigate contamination risks in your manufacturing processes, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness. Contamination can affect consumers and businesses, including compromised product efficacy and regulatory non-compliance. Investing in regular contamination control measures can protect your brand reputation and demonstrate your commitment to delivering superior quality products.

Available Services

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Air Testing

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Surface Testing

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Air/Gas Testing

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Water Testing

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Cleanroom Testing

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Contamination Control

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