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Many GMP start-ups face issues in the early stages of manufacturing, such as whether to outsource or manufacture the products themselves. The long-lead times to establish the infrastructure and assure compliance expertise make in-house manufacturing less attractive. VaLogic is offering another option for new entrants – short-term “hoteling” of 1,200 square feet of established, qualified, and well-maintained cleanroom. The client brings their own specialized equipment, staff, and raw materials to the certified cleanroom for processing.

Why Use cleanroom on-Demand?

Existing Operations Infrastructure

With our Cleanroom On-Demand facility, customers have access to new GMP-grade manufacturing space and temperature-controlled repository storage. Customers also receive weekly GMP cleaning and environmental monitoring services at no extra cost.

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Project Duration

Our ready-to-use cleanrooms are ideal for companies seeking space for as little as a few weeks to 6 months.


With Cleanroom On-Demand, we provide our customers with turn-key GMP cleanrooms without the hassles of long-term leasing commitments. A purchase order and credit check are all that is needed.

Included features & Services

No Additional Cost Services

Additional Cost Services

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